ABC members have a wide range of employee benefit needs. Your company may be small with limited financial resources, or you may be large with multi-state locations. ABC Merit Choice® representatives work for you to find the right insurance plan designed to help you achieve your specific goals. ABC Merit Choice® specializes in working with contractors. Backed by our national presence, we have the resources to offer you the highest level of personal support. Our sole commitment is to serve you and others in the ABC member community. We help to advance the merit shop philosophy by strengthening ABC's position as the leading employee benefits purchasing resource for your company and the construction industry.
ABC Merit Choice® offers a number of special administrative services to ABC members. Some of these are specifically developed for the construction industry.
  • ABC's Dollar Bank® enables you to pay for benefits on an hourly basis.
  • ABC's sales and support representatives give you quick access to a variety of health insurance carriers.
  • ABC's Payroll Tax Savings Plan kit helps your company reduce its payroll taxes through an IRS qualified section 125 plan.
  • ABC's toll-free customer service department responds promptly to any insurance or benefit concerns faced by you or your employees.

Insurance made easy?

Insurance is never easy; but ABC uncomplicated the process by providing alternatives, reviewing our needs and providing an insurance package to our company that made both fiscal and useable sense to both our owner and employees.
David K. Leinbach Kaiser Construction Co., Inc.